You Are Perfect

Susan Atkins was a central member of the Manson Family, known to her cohort as Sadie Mae Glutz and then simply as Sexy Sadie (after Charles Manson became convinced the Beatles had penned their White Album ballad about her). Atkins was implicated in at least eight coldblooded killings during a five-week spree in the summer of '69, including the infamous Tate/LaBianca murders. Set in Atkins' prison cell on the eve before a key moment in the Manson murder trial, You Are Perfect is a theatrical re-imagining of the Manson Family member's life and inner demons, hurtling through time and space while questioning allegations of murder and deceit.

Red Mask Players will be performing this new work by Cyndy A. Marion on March 26-28 & April 9-11.

Congrats to the cast!

Susan - Isabelle Bruett
Woman - Angie Rouley
Charlie - Brandon Moore