The Play That Goes Wrong


Come watch the amateur production of a murder mystery, staged by
the Cornley University Drama Society. As the show unfolds, the actors

endure one disaster after another. Props are misplaced, lines are
forgotten, the set is falling apart, and the corpse cannot stay dead.
Panicking thespians struggle mightily to reach the final curtain call. This
fast-paced farce is pure fun!
“ . . .one of those breakneck exercises in idiocy that make you laugh till
you cry . . .” –The New York Times.

The Play That Goes Wrong is a 2012 play by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields of Mischief Theatre Company.

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service.

Directed by Darren Kilbury

Chris/Inspector Carter: Ed Sant
Jonathan/Charles Haversham: Jacob Ault
Robert/Thomas Colleymoore: Dave Techtow
Dennis (Perkins): John Dowers
Sandra/Florence Colleymoore: Sidnee Davis
Max/Cecil Haversham/Arthur the Gardener: Jeff Romig
Annie: Suzy Goben
Trevor: Amanda Brown

Show Dates: March 31-April 2, April 6-8, 2023