2000Best ActressJan MarkenNever Too Late
Best ActorJoe SermersheimOf Mice and Men
Best Supporting ActressBev NeesI Bet Your Life
Best Supporting ActorSonny DowningOf Mice and Men
CameoJoe SermersheimNever Too Late
Backstage AwardSheryl WalshFor Set Building and Stage Managing
Jean Lewis ScholarshipNathan Marken
2001Best ActressJerilyn HempelSylvia
Best ActorDave DowningSylvia
Best ActorJohn ScottThe Last Night of Ballyhoo
Best Supporting ActressGaye GarnerSylvia
Best Supporting ActorGreg WilliamsThe Last Night of Ballyhoo
Backstage AwardJohn LashbrookFor work with Childrens Theater, Set Building, and Ambassador
for the Organization
Jean Lewis ScholarshipJennifer Lee
2002Best ActressJennifer Dixson Breaking Legs
Best ActressJennifer Dixson Belles
Best ActorBob ScottI Hate Hamlet
Best Supporting ActressMary Ann LakerBelles
Best Supporting ActorJoe SermersheimBreaking Legs
Jean Lewis ScholarshipRebecca Cravens
2003Best ActressSharon TipswordThe Cemetery Club
Best ActorEd DeVoreOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Best Supporting ActressJamie DeVoreGeorge Washington Slept Here
Best Supporting ActorJim WolfeOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
CameoChuck MinneOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
BackstageSue HardenIn Recognition and Appreciation of Dedication and Loyalty to Red Mask
Jean Lewis ScholarshipKatie Oreskovich
2004Best ActressMary Ann LakerMeet My Husbands
Best ActorJohn DowersMeet My Husbands
Best Supporting ActressSherri MarrowThe Foreigner
Best Supporting ActorDJ SokolaThe Foreigner
CameoMelody HullMeet My Husbands
Jean Lewis ScholarshipJoe Dale Thomas
2005Best ActressGaye GarnerWeb of Murder
Best ActorSonny DowningDr. Cook's Garden
Best Supporting ActressDonna SantBarefoot in the Park
Best Supporting ActorDave LakerBarefoot in the Park
Backstage AwardMike and Leslie BoedickerIn Recognition and Appreciation of Dedication and Loyalty to Red Mask
Jean Lewis ScholarshipBrian Morgan
2006Best ActressJamie DeVoreAngel Street
Best ActressDonna SantDesk Set
Best ActorRandy OffnerAngel Street
Best Supporting ActressJulia ReynoldsAngel Street
Best Supporting ActorNathan IngoldCome Back to the 5 and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
CameoSuzie HarmonDesk Set
Jean Lewis ScholarshipJohnny Howard
2007Best ActressLisa RichterBell, Book and Candle
Best ActorJohn DowersFlaming Idiots
Best Supporting ActressJulia Megan SullivanFlaming Idiots
Best Supporting ActorSonny DowningBell, Book and Candle
Backstage AwardBev NeesIn Recognition and Appreciation of Dedication and Loyalty to Red Mask
Jean Lewis ScholarshipRonald Eberhardt, Jr.
2008Best ActressLorraine MorganGoodbye Charlie
Best ActorChuck PundtGoodbye Charlie
Best Supporting ActressJamie DeVoreGoodbye Charlie
Best Supporting ActorTed SantDon't Drink the Water
CameoWilbur BoltonGoodbye Charlie
Jean Lewis ScholarshipErick Henderson
2009Best ActressNancy HendersonOn Golden Pond
Best ActorJason AsaadOver the River and Through the Woods
Best Supporting ActressJamie DeVoreMoon Over Buffalo
Best Supporting ActorSonny DowningOver the River and Through the Woods
Backstage AwardChris JacobsIn Recognition and Appreciation of Dedication and Loyalty to Red Mask
Jean Lewis ScholarshipKelsey Daugherty