1980Best ActressSusan Frick6 Rms Riv Vu
Best ActorJim Gilmour6 Rms Riv Vu
Best Supporting ActressMarcia RobertsA Majority of One
Best Supporting ActorRon CrickA Majority of One
Backstage AwardSuzy BrooksMakeup
Backstage AwardMarie RennickCostumes
Backstage AwardBecky ShaferPublicity Art
Jean Lewis ScholarshipFrank Rose
1981Best ActressTobi L. BaerBorn Yesterday
Best ActorJim KnoblauchOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Best Supporting ActressNancy NicholsBell, Book, and Candle
Best Supporting ActorFred LeggOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Backstage AwardJeannette DumaisProps and Furnishings
Meritorious Service AwardMax SperlingMembership Sales
Meritorious Service AwardJean Lewis20 years of Children’s Theater
Jean Lewis ScholarshipCarol Davis
1982Best ActressBarbara McKinzieTribute
Best ActorBob TolliverTribute
Best Supporting ActressSue Ann CrickTribute
Best Supporting ActressPatty FerrisChapter Two
Best Supporting ActorJim GilmourChapter Two
Building Manager AwardLeon Ewbank
Backstage AwardAlfreda Klingensmith
Jean Lewis ScholarshipJamie Briggs

Accepted the Del Purkey Memorial
Plaque to Honor Those Who Make
Outstanding Contributions to Red Mask Players

Gretchen Purkey
1983Best ActressBarbara StoverOn Golden Pond
Best ActorFred LeggOn Golden Pond
Best Supporting ActressNancy NicholsDeathtrap
Best Supporting ActorBill BrandyOn Golden Pond
Backstage AwardBenn DarnerPublicity
Jean Lewis ScholarshipRobyn Briggs
1984Best ActressSusan FrickSame Time, Next Year
Best ActorDavid E. LakerThe Paisley Convertible
Best Supporting ActressLura S. BoggsThe Paisley Convertible
Best Supporting ActorJ. Scott EisenhauerThe Paisley Convertible
Backstage AwardBrad SmithSets
Meritorious Service AwardSusan Frick
Jean Lewis ScholarshipJudd Caraker
1985Best ActressNancy NicholsSly Fox
Best ActressMary BrandtThe Second Time Around
Best ActorBill BrandySly Fox
Best Supporting ActressMarty HowreyThe Second Time Around
Best Supporting ActorTony FiaschettiThe Second Time Around
Backstage AwardGail West
Jean Lewis ScholarshipAnne E. Boggs
1986Best ActressMarty HowreyThe Gingerbread Lady
Best ActorEdward SantThe Gingerbread Lady
Best Supporting ActressLisa GilmourBus Stop
Best Supporting ActorJim StuartBus Stop
Meritorious Service AwardMeritorious Service AwardBox Office
Jean Lewis ScholarshipJean Lewis Scholarship
1987Best ActressMarty HowreyYou Can't Take It With You
Best ActressDebby VinyardNight of January 16th
Best ActorFred LeggCactus Flower
Best Supporting ActressPat SimpsonNight of January 16th
Best Supporting ActorJon AschermannNight of January 16th
Meritorious Service AwardLiz Miller50th Anniversary
Meritorious Service AwardJean Lewis25 Years of Children's Theatre
50th Anniversary AwardSue Ann Crick
50th Anniversary AwardSusan Frick
Amalgamated Unicorn AwardLiz Miller
Amalgamated Unicorn AwardBarbara Vinson
Amalgamated Unicorn AwardSusan Frick
Jean Lewis ScholarshipTimothy Estep
1988Best ActressPat SimpsonI Never Sang for My Father
Best ActorFred LeggI Never Sang for My Father
Best Supporting ActressMarty HowreyI Never Sang for My Father
Best Supporting ActorDarrin DeckNorman, Is That You?
Meritorious Service AwardBarry Boyd Photography
Meritorious Service AwardCarter's Furniture
Jean Lewis ScholarshipJennifer Lewsader
1989Best ActressSue Ann CrickThe Odd Couple
Best ActorJohn DowersThe Importance of Being Earnest
Best Supporting ActressPam RayTo Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
Best Supporting ActrorTerry WaltersTo Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
Meritorious Service AwardBess Castle
Jean Lewis ScholarshipJennifer Lewsader