Auditions for upcoming adult shows are usually held the first two nights after the previous show ends (or shortly after Labor Day for the first show of the season).  Audition dates and times are posted on our Current Season and Home pages.  Auditioners read from the play script instead of performing a prepared monologue.

If the Director determines that two nights of auditions have not resulted in a cast that meets the needs of the production, a third audition will be announced and held within three days.  The time and date will be posted on this site and our Facebook page.  Those who auditioned the first two nights are welcome to attend the third audition as well, as they may be asked to participate.

Copies of scripts from the current season are available (for in-library reading only) at the Danville Public Library.  Everyone who is cast in a show is required to purchase a season membership.

Information on auditioning for children's shows is found on our Children's Theater page.