Our fall winter children's show returns this year!
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: By Michele L Vacca
Directed by Alyson Ferren and Ann Soderstrom
Show dates: September 10-12, 2021 &17-19, 2021

Congratulations to the cast of our upcoming children's Show- Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Eight shows will be performed, split between the show's double cast.

Cast number 1
Snow White - Lizzie Skorvan
Evil Wicked Queen - Ally Mackiewicz
Prince Robert - Vincent Staub
Narrator/Magic Mirror - Jonas Lane
Huntsman - Doyle Carter
Baffo the Boss - Sophie Osterber
Good Time Charlie - Gwyndelyn Henk
Roesco the Grouch - Noah Taylor
Lazy Susan - Ava Perez
Wheezy Wilma - Emma France
Mousy Millie - Amelia Cordle
Opie- Elijah Taylor

Cast number 2
Snow White - Malia Roberson
Evil Wicked Queen - Madeline Williford
Prince Robert - Vincent Staub
Narrator / Magic Mirror - Jonas Lane
Huntsman - Doyle Carter
Baffo the Boss - Eva Harper
Good Time Charlie - Emma Cosat
Roeso the Grouch - Brynn Ogle
Lazy Susan - Bailey Easton
Wheezy Wilma - Lorelei Terhune
Mousy Millie - Aubrey Gouard
Opie - Jameson Smith

How to audition:

Kids in grades 3-8 who live in the Vermilion County area are eligible to audition for Red Mask Children's Theater.  Auditions are held for two evenings at the Kathryn Randolph Theater.  Dates and times will be posted on this site and also listed in the Danville Commercial News and on our voice mail (217-442-5858).  Play scripts are available (for in-library reading only) at area libraries. Check the individual show page for more information.

At auditions, each child fills out an audition sheet and is called onstage to read scenes from the script.  No memorization is needed for auditions.  In filling roles, the casting committee looks for volume, expression, and sometimes the correct physicality.  At the end of the second evening of auditions, parts are cast. 

A crucial part of Children's Theater is parent participation.  Children's Theater is designed to be a family experience, and each child is expected to have a parent actively involved in some aspect of the production (cast sitter, costumes, box office, makeup, etc.).

Jean Lewis, daughter of Red Mask legend Kathryn Randolph, directed every Red Mask Children's Theater production during the group's first 25 years (her last show being "Daniel Boone" in 1987). In recognition of her many contributions to Red Mask, the Board of Directors instituted the Jean Lewis Scholarship in 1977.