Witness for the Prosecution

Leonard Vole stands accused of murdering a rich widow. The stakes are high with shocking witness testimony, impassioned outbursts from the dock and a young man’s fight to escape the hangman’s noose. Generally regarded as one of Christie’s most accomplished plays, this suspenseful thriller keeps audiences guessing until the very end.

Witness for the Prosecution is written by Agatha Christie and published by Samuel French.

Auditions will take place on Februart 4-5 at 7PM. Performances are scheduled for April 5-7 and 12-14. Sunday matinees take place at 2 PM and all other shows start at 7:30PM

Character Descriptions (with approximate age ranges)
Greta - secretary (20-40's)
Carter - chief clerk (20-40's )
Mr. Mayhew - Leonard Vole's solicitor (late 30-40's)
Leonard Vole - main suspect for the murder (30's to early 40's)
Sir Wilfred Robarts - barrister who defends Leonard Vole (late 30's-50's -- prefer 50's)
Inspector Hearne - police inspector (30-late 40's)
Warder doubled as Plain Clothes Detective - he has custody of Vole after arrest (30-40's)
Romaine - Leonard Vole's wife (30-40's)
Mr. Justice Wainwright - judge (late 30's-50's)
Mr. Myers QC - the barrister prosecuting Vole (30-50)
Court Usher - moves between Judge and barristers (20-40's)
The Judge's Clerk - at the judge’s right hand (20-40's)
2 jury members: woman, foreman (any age)
Policeman - ushers in witnesses in court (any age)
Dr. Wyatt - examined the murder victim (30-50's)
Janet Mackenzie - Emily French's housekeeper (preferably 40's-50's but it is flexible)
Mr. Clegg - works in the forensic lab (late 20-40's)
The Other Woman - (20's