Arthur Przybyszewski owns a decrepit donut shop in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. Franco Wicks, a black teenager who is his only employee, wants to change the shop for the better. This comedy-drama by Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize–winning author Tracy Letts explores the challenges of embracing the past and the redemptive power of friendship.

Superior Donuts is written by Tracy Letts and published by Dramatists Publishing Service


Auditions: November 24-25, 2019

Performances: January 31, 2020 & February 1-2 & 7-9, 2020


Arthur Przybyszewski Male 55-65

Polish-American, owner of his immigrant parents' dated donut shop, an ex-hippie draft-dodger who lives a disappointed and unambitious life

Franco Wicks African American Male 18-25

Intelligent and idealistic, has written what he considers the new Great American Novel - all he needs is validation, has massive gambling debts and has taken a break from college to work.

Max Tarasov Male 45-55

Russian immigrant who owns the video store next door to Arthur's donut shop, would like to expand his store by buying Arthur's, humorous, a bigot without realizing it, and his ambitious nature makes a good contrast to Arthur, must be able to learn a slight to moderate Russian accent.

Officer Randy Osteen Female 45-55

Irish-American, has known Arthur for some time, others see that she is attracted to Arthur, but this has to be pointed out to him.

Office James Bailey African American Male 40-45

Randy's beat partner who investigates the vandalism of the donut shop, a matter-of-fact man who, with his wife, in his off time is a Star Trek fanatic.

Lady Boyle Female 70-75

Irish-American, a homeless woman who is often a bit less than lucid, can always count on Arthur for a handout of a donut or coffee when she pops into the shop.

Luther Flynn Male 42-48

Irish/Italian-American, a thug, loan shark, and bookie, has an ulcer and constantly medicates, not a person you want to be an enemy of, Franco owes him $16,000

Kevin Magee Male 25-20

Irish-American, Luther's minion, also a thug, and definitely not a nice guy.

Kiril Ivakin Male 32-37

Russian, Max's nephew who has just come to the United States from Russia, has a penchant for track suits and looks like a great big scary strongman, speaks no English, must be able to learn to say a few things in Russian.