The Miracle WorkerThe Dixie Swim Club

2010Best ActressAlexis GrundellThe Diary of Anne Frank
Best ActorBrad T. SmithThe Diary of Anne Frank
Best Supporting ActressJennifer DixsonTom Jones
Best Supporting ActressLauren HousThe Diary of Anne Frank
Best Supporting ActorWilbur BoltonThe Diary of Anne Frank
CameoDwain DixsonTom Jones
Backstage AwardSuzie HarmonIn Recognition and Appreciation of
Dedication and Loyalty to Red Mask
Jean Lewis ScholarshipAshley Mondisa
2011Best ActressGracie OliverRomantic Fever
Best ActorMike BoedickerRomantic Fever
Best Supporting ActressNancy HendersonRomantic Fever
Best Supporting ActorJ. Edward DeVoreLaura
CameoLonnie FordInherit the Wind
Jean Lewis ScholarshipMichael Howard
2012Best ActressNancy HendersonAll My Sons
Best ActorSonny DowningAll My Sons
Best Supporting ActressSue DaughertyRumors
Best Supporting ActorJim CrainThe Girls in 509
CameoLeslie Van CampAll My Sons
Jean Lewis ScholarshipBrooke Kuchefski
2013Best ActressIsabelle PetersTo Kill A Mockingbird
Best ActorAndrew PetersTo Kill A Mockingbird
Best Supporting ActressNancy KeenerTo Kill A Mockingbird
Best Supporting ActorBrandon ParksTo Kill A Mockingbird
CameoVern BergkoetterTo Kill A Mockingbird
Jean Lewis ScholarshipMatthew Wilkie
2014Best ActressAnn SoderstromSly Fox
Best ActorTed SantSly Fox
Best Supporting ActressMary Ann LakerSly Fox
Best Supporting ActorDarren KilburyAmateurs
CameoTerry HillSly Fox
Jean Lewis ScholarshipChad Myler
2015Best ActressIsabelle PetersThe Miracle Worker
Best ActorDrake TaylorThe Miracle Worker
Best Supporting ActressSue DaughertyThe Dixie Swim Club
Best Supporting ActorDavid TechtowA Shot In the Dark
CameoAndrew CookThe Miracle Worker
Jean Lewis ScholarshipBailey Williams
2016Best ActressJamie DeVoreA Streetcar Named Desire
Best ActorTyler ThompsonA Streetcar Named Desire
Best Supporting ActressMelanie ClarkDeathtrap
Best Supporting ActorMatt HesterA Streetcar Named Desire
CameoJim RogersDeathtrap
Jean Lewis ScholarshipBenjamin Lohrberg
2017Best ActressBrittany McDanielsProof
Best ActorWilliam L. KephartOrdinary People
Best Supporting ActressIsabelle PetersOrdinary People
Best Supporting ActorAndrew PetersProof
CameoLeslie VanCampThe Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
Backstage AwardJamey CoutantIn Recognition and Appreciation of Dedication and Loyalty to Red Mask
Special AwardKenny HardenFor longtime service to Red Mask
Jean Lewis ScholarshipKatarina Blakeslee